Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Third Anniversary

Yes, it was a few months ago now (Jan 7th), but we celebrated our third
 anniversary at Disneyland!! Reuben's sister Jillian was here visiting from NZ,
so we took her and Lawrence to Disneyland, and had a great time.
Amongst all the busy-ness and demanding schedule of seminary life,
it's great to have these fun memories to look back on.

Reuben's favourite ride: Space Mountain. The front row is where all the fun is had...

...and apparently the second row just isn't exciting enough to keep Reuben awake!
The rest of us might have been hamming it up slightly...

Autopia...another Disneyland classic, with Matterhorn in the background.
True or False: the Matterhorn mountain is equipped with a
basketball court inside for the staff of the mountain to play on during their breaks?

Verity in her element: definitely my favourite ride is Goofy's Flight School... starts off by going straight up into the air, then makes a number of quick turns,
like you're learning how to steer an airplane. Because there aren't any sides on the
track OR on your car, you really feel like you could fall right off the edge! 
Ja & I had fun trying on some glitzy Mickey ears 

Another favorite ride: Thunder Mountain 
We got these cute pins from Town Hall because we were celebrating

And how cool is that: our room # was 303 for our 3rd anniversary!

The happy couple :) 


  1. MAN YOU GUYS ARE PRECIOUS!!!! Loved seeing these fun photos!!! Woohoo!!!!! :) What a great couple you are. I'm so glad God brought you together to serve Him and one another and others this side of Heaven :) He blesses many through the two of you, as I'm sure you know!
    So keep smilin' and may God continue to pour out His favour upon your marriage and ministry :)
    Can't wait for another Disneyland Day with you amazing people! xox

    1. Thanks my sweet Christa. You are always such an encouragement.
      Cannot wait to see the photos from our extremely fun adventures at Disneyland! Flying around on those symphony swings looking back at our cute husbands sitting together... this is a moment I will have etched in my memory until the last day! hehe :)
      Love you.

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  3. golly, it has been three years! i'm so happy for you both. Loving the disneyland photos by the way. Pop taking a nap at the Space Mountain...yeah, that's really something he would do, hahaha. Miss you both :)

    1. Dear sweet Jess... what a great joy to hear from you! Haha, yes Pop is still making me laugh every day :) I totally forgot about that nickname!
      Miss you lots. I really enjoying reading your blog - you are too cute little Honeybee!
      I still pray for you and your dad and brother. Can't believe her birthday has come around twice already :(
      So thankful that you are trusting in the Lord with your heart, and with your life.
      Tons of love from us.