Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Countdown to Seminary

We are in the final weeks now!  Only three weeks until we arrive in LA.  Just in case you're wondering what our travel plans are:

Sunday, 10 July - final Sunday at Riverbend Bible Church.  We fly to Auckland at 3:15 pm, staying with our family for two nights before heading out.
Tuesday, 12 July - 1:00 pm flying to Nadi on Air Pacific.  We get to spend a night in Fiji, just for fun!  Well actually, the Lord provided these flights for us at an amazing deal of half price of what it would've been if we didn't stay overnight.  Who could say no to a night on a tropical island??  We made sure to get a hotel with a pool and a waterslide (yippeee!)
Wednesday, 13 July - Fly to Los Angeles on Air Pacific.  We leave Fiji at 10:15 pm, and arrive in LA at 1:20 pm... within an hour of the Majors (our NZ friends/"family") who are flying direct on Air New Zealand.

It feels so strange to be packing up, moving, selling our posessions... but to be honest, it really hasn't sunk in yet.  I don't think we'll realize it's happened until we're actually in the air, flying away from the South Pacific.  Please pray for us over the next few weeks as we go through many good-byes to dear friends and family.  We need God's help each day, so please pray for us.  What a blessing that His mercies are new every morning.  Great is His faithfulness!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Beautiful Wedding

One month ago, Reuben & I had the privilege of attending my sister Hilly's wedding in Portland, OR.  Hilly married Nick on the 7th of May, and it was such a special day for all.  I'm sure the photographer took hundreds of photos on the day, but we are still waiting to see them!  Here's one to give you an idea, because the first question always is: What colour were your dresses?  As you can see, Hilly chose a smattering of bright, springy colours to brighten up the Portland spring (ha ha!)

Thanks, Nick and Hill, for letting us share in your special day.  We love you very much :)
L-R: Lizzy (Hill's friend from WA), Kitty (our eldest sister), Hilly (the baby!), me, Megan (Hill's best friend frrom Canada), and Mandy (Hilly's new "sister" in WA)