Thursday, November 4, 2010

With the end in sight...

Term Four is proving to be even busier than the first three, but the Lord's provisions are gracing us each day.  Reuben has been learning lots from each of his classes:
Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey , Theology, Bible Interpretation (Grammar/Hermeneutics), Christian Living, Personal Evangelism, Philosophy of Ministry, Homiletics (Preaching).

I (Verity) am loving all of my jobs, and am continually thankful for how the Lord has provided them.  The variety of doing five different jobs is good, in that every day there is something different.  Today (Wednesday) is my morning off, so I had some time to vaccuum the house, do some baking, go for lunch with a friend, and prepare for my four piano students.  Yesterday was my Irish Dance class, and the girls are presently getting ready for our end-of-year show: Thursday, 25 November at 7:00 pm, Parkvale School Hall, in case you want to come!! 

Reuben and I are looking forward to flying up to Auckland this weekend to visit family.  Reuben's birthday was on Monday (26 years young!), and our nephews Jordan and Joshua have their birthdays around the same we are combining the three birthdays together with Guy Fawke's, a dessert night, and some cricket at the beach :)  Looks like a fun weekend ahead!