Monday, January 10, 2011

Family & Friends

Verity with two of her dear friends.  These girls (Christa left, and Kayla right) were friends since age five and had LOTS of catching up to do!!  Kayla is now the proud mother of little Jacob, four months old.

Skating at the outdoor rink in Kelowna, near the harbour of Okanagan Lake.  I bought a pair of skates for $5!!

The three Boyce girls and their guys.  Logan & Kathleen, Reuben & Verity, Nick & Hillary (getting married 7 May 2011!)

Reuben has been loving the winter wonderland!  A fresh snowfall the other day meant it was time to get suited up and built some snowmen.  Unfortunately, the next day it warmed up to above zero in the afternoon and both our snowmen melted :(

Reuben & Verity - Happy Second Anniversary!! (7 Jan/11)