Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hebrew Head Start

Wow - We are so thankful that we took this class!

Last week we went to seminary each morning for this optional class, designed to reduce the number of Hebrew drop-outs.  This was so very helpful for Reuben, and it's given us a basic understanding of the building blocks we need to learn Hebrew.  We learned how to read, write and pronounce all the letters; also to decipher the vowel pointings, and became familiar with some of the most common prepositions.

The class was taught by one of the current seminary students, and this was the first year they offered it.  Our vote: Two Thumbs Up!  This was definitely helpful, as it took the mystery out of these strange and unfamiliar Hebrew letters, and gave us something to work on before classes officially start.

The student who taught it also gave us some very practical insights into good studying habits, and how to develop a studying strategy incorporating all three different learning styles. 

One idea he suggested was to have a "studying scent" (like a candle or diffuser) going while you memorize things, because your sense of smell is very strongly connected to your ability to recall information.  Hmmm, we thought, does this sound a bit hokey?  Maybe.  But if it will help, we might as well give it a try! 

So, after a quick trip to our local Bath&Body Works, Reuben's studying den (aka: "man cave") currently smells of freshly baked apple crumble... at the risk of his appetite being over-stimulated!!

But we do have one question... What will his professors think when, during a test, Reuben whips out a lighter and a votive candle?? (hee hee!)