Monday, March 19, 2012

Greece Missions Conference

This summer, Reuben and I have the opportunity to serve on a short-term ministry team that is going to Greece! Grace Church has more than 70 families serving in international ministry around the globe, and every two years they host a conference for them to all get together and be refreshed. Here is an excerpt from our support letter that says it best:

   "Our GMI missionaries are champions for the gospel...their labor is often attached to great sacrifice as they willingly give up the comfort and ease of home and find themselves immersed in an unfamiliar culture and language. They are a tremendous example of dedication and steadfast service as they passionately and joyfully minister for the glory of God. 
   Grace Community Church cherishes our precious missionaries and always looks to uphold and support them in practical, strengthening and edifying ways. Every two years we gather our missionaries together for a special conference intended to provide a window of necessary respite and reprieve. They enjoy worship and rich teaching while partaking in fellowship with like-minded missionaries who understand their unique trials and challenges."

It takes a team of people to facilitate this unique conference - and that's where we get to be involved. Our team is going to run a children's programme for the missionary kids, hoping to create an environment where the missionaries can thrive spiritually, be restored and renewed. Reuben and I are teaching the 7 and 8 year olds, which we are very excited about. There are 18 kids in our "class", coming from 14 different countries! We are very excited to get to know these sweet kids.

Ruins of temple at Delphi

Thessaloniki "old town"

Corinth Canal

Eretria beach

So, When are we going? June 21st- July 4th, 2012.

And Where? Eretria. Located on the island of Euboea, this was an important "city-state" in Ancient Greece. Eretria is about 1.5 hour drive away from Athens. A large hotel complex will be our home base, where we will have classrooms set up for the kids.

How can you be involved?
1. Prayer. Please pray for: our team to be unified, for wisdom in preparing the lessons, for lots of extra strength and energy when we are actually in Greece, and mostly for our efforts to be a true encouragement to the missionaries so that they can continue to serve the Lord in their respective fields.

2. Giving. We are very encouraged that the necessary funding for such a trip is beginning to come in. However, we still have financial needs to be met before we depart. If you would like to help support us in this way, please email us at

Thanks :) And we look forward to telling you more about this unique ministry opportunity as it comes closer to the date.

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